Saturday, April 11, 2009

SIDI yang adoooooooo!!!!!

baru jak tadi habis konsert AF yang ke 5,...OK, i still rate this week 5 concert as an "average" same with the previous outstanding stuff but still in the good condition...Overall,this concert was juz a special one bcoz it featured an established artist to get along with every single of them for the songs given..its preety cool when actually it is being considered one of the best things being shared between official and unofficial artist basically... and with this collaboration,made a sweetest moment to the students and voterz as well...

Anyway, my favourite performance on week 5 concert were Isma and Hafiz...

Isma-she juz naturally felt the song and had a good connection between her and Zul(maklumlah laki dier)...anyway mmg best and romantic lah...paduan vokal was OK and they made the song beautiful.

Hafiz-82ally Hafiz and Mila was a good pair in stage...even Mila ada cacat celah ckit tapi it was being rectified with both's strength in singing...anyway its quite entertaining lah....hehehehehe

In the end,sIdI have to pAck HiS BeLoNgInG n wEnT HoMe....yang adooooooo!!!!
dia ne sepatutnya konsert minggu lepas lagi patut chowwww....

aPaPuN...kita nantikan apa pulak jadi minggu depan.....BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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